1,000 Series™

Heavy-duty pickups and medium duty trucks never had it this good. Imagine a fully automatic, five-speed overdrive transmission with lockup. A 32-bit microprocessor that keeps the 1,000 Series™ transmission in constant communication with the engine to determine the exact shift point for maximum performance. No power interruption between shifts. And the promise of rugged, reliable durability that only 50 years in the trucking business can provide.

The Allison 1000 Series™ is all this and more. Designed for workhorse pickup trucks, the 1000 Series offers all the features that have made Allison Automatics legendary in the trucking business. Features like advanced electronic controls to monitor rpm, load and road conditions and adapt the shift schedule so the vehicle operates at peak performance. The 1000 Series takes the heavy-duty pickup truck to a new, higher level of performance.

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