2,000 Series™

The new Allison 2000 Series™ for medium-duty trucks with fully automatic, five and six speed overdrive transmission with lockup brings the superior performance of electronic controls to trucks up to 30,000 lbs. GVW. At the speed of light, the engine and transmission communicate to provide precise, perfectly timed shifts, whatever the road or load condition. Trucks and drivers have never been so cost-productive.

Close ratio steps and precise shifts with no power interruption mean faster route times with less driver effort and better fuel economy. And fully automatic shifting means the driver can pay full attention to steering- a critical advantage in difficult or tedious circumstances. The transmission’s electronics can be programmed to prevent the vehicle from being put in motion while auxiliary equipment is in use. And auxiliary equipment actuation can be prevented while the truck is moving. It all adds up to safer operations.

The 2400™ Series is a fully automatic, five-speed overdrive transmission with lockup and a powerful 32-bit microprocessor. The microprocessor stays in constant communication with the engine to determine the exact shift point for maximum performance. A park pawl, the first in its class, is a standard feature. Placing the transmission in “Park” mode securely locks the drivetrain. A converter-driven PTO protects both the engine and the auxiliary equipment from sudden shock loads. Mounting pads are located on the right and left sides of the transmission. Coupled with the neutral lockup feature, the PTO can be operated at engine speed. Programmable electronics can control input and output functions for greater vehicle safety.

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