3,000 and 4,000 Series™

Today’s owners of larger, more luxurious motorhomes and heavy duty vocational trucks expect better performance, greater reliability, and less maintenance from their vehicles. That translates to increased horsepower and torque requirements. The Allison 3000MH is designed to provide more power to the wheels- wherever those wheels take you. With the 3000MH, larger motorhomes can accelerate faster on the flat or up an incline. That means cruising up a grade will take less time. Merging onto an interstate will take less ramp. And your vehicle will be much more nimble in traffic. An optional retarder delivers auxiliary braking on steep grades and helps improve vehicle control and reduce brake wear. The 3000 MH carries a five-year standard warranty.

Allison Rugged Duty 4,000 Series fully automatic transmissions fit operating requirements better than other transmissions because they’ve been engineered specifically for the way you work. On pavement, seamless full-power shifts mean faster acceleration for shorter trip times. In traffic, there’s no relentless shifting, as with manuals. No unpredictable and delayed shifting, as with automated manuals. And neither can compare to Allison’s vehicle control on a grade.

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