Engineered Power Units for C & I Applications

Custom Repowers for The C & I Marketource for MTU engineered Power Drive Units available from 101HP to 3000HP to fit stationary and mobile equipment applications. Atlantic Detroit Diesel Allison is your authorized factory distributor for MTU, a worldwide leader in the diesel engine business. Atlantic Detroit Diesel Allison can supply virtually any application or vocation with the latest technology for new applications or to upgrade an existing application. We have the power solution for your engine needs and are available to meet with you to discuss your wants, analyze the application and provide the power unit system tailored to your requirements. When you call Atlantic Detroit Diesel Allison a qualified engine sales representative dedicated to the C&I market responds to your request.

Custom Repowers for The C & I Market

Stewart is your source for custom re-powers for competitive engines or your older but always dependable Detroit Diesel 2 cycle engines. Atlantic Power systems can assist you in meeting the tough emission standards of today by offering the latest engine technology from MTU. If your older piece of equipment is still in good condition today but you would like to upgrade to today emissions standards, Stewart offers a range of Tier III engines and beyond to meet those requirements with new and remanufactured power units and engines to help you save over the cost of purchasing new equipment. Whether it is a crane, mobile construction equipment or pump application, Stewart has you covered. See how our engine expertise can upgrade/renew your equipment and lower your cost per hour with a more efficient, cleaner engine from MTU.

Engine Selection Assistance

Buying a new piece of equipment today is costly. APS can assist you with the selection for all OEM’s using MTU engines/Allison Transmission in equipment you are considering in your purchasing process. Our engine/trnansmission experts can offer you specific engine and transmission performance criteria and information, features and benefits of our products, maintenance information and standard and extended warranty offerings. Whether quarry or crane application, APS can help ensure you are purchasing the correct MTU engine/Allison Transmission for your requirements. After the sale is done, APS will continue to support you with engine data information showing GPH and load factors. So, please call us before you purchase your new MTU/Allison powered equipment. APS will be there for you before, during and after your major equipment purchase!

Exhaust After Treatment for C & I Market

Clean air! We all want to do our part to make the environment better for everyone. At APS we offer the latest selection in exhaust emission after treatment devices for all engines and equipment types. Whether it a crane or a quarry truck application, APS can assist you in specifying the correct device with data logging. The expertise of our emissions experts will ensure the correct device you need performs as required while on the job. APS offers closed crankcase ventilation systems, diesel oxidation catalysts, diesel particulate filters and hybrid particulate systems to meet your emissions requirements. Call APS today and find out how we can help you meet today’s stringent emissions requirements wherever you may operate your equipment.


Some of the major Construction & Industrial OEM’s we service

  • Hitachi Rail
  • Caterpillar Unit Rig
  • Atlas Copco
  • Joy Global
  • Letourneau
  • P & H Crane
  • Leibherr
  • Belaz 265T
  • Sandvick
  • Terex
  • Gradall