POWERPACKES, fuel filters , a Jake Brake
Tune-up Kit INSTALLED and a CAC test

  • POWERPACKS represent a savings in parts costs over reliabilt EUIs purchased individually
  • Genuine Detroit Diesel primary and secondary fuel filter replacement
    • New fuel filter(s) helps ensure clean fuel, which improves injector life
    • Fuel Pro filter cartridge can be substituted
  • CAC test determines if CAC is leaking
    • A leaking CAC can cause significant degradation in fuel economy, excessive black smoke and damage to engine components
    • Replacement CAC if test fails (additional cost)
  • Jake Brake Tune-up Kit replaces critical parts to maintain maximum performance and trouble-free operation. A proper performing engine brake reduces wear on the braking components, extending their life and saving money
  • Includes all installation and testing labor

1-year/unlimited mile warranty on POWERPACKS

Starting at $3,750 Installed
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