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Standby Diesel

A complete line of critical power systems from MTU Onsite Energy. Diesel Standby, Emergency & Prime power generator sets from 27 – 3,250 kWe, ATS switches from 30 – 4,000 amps. Units are available in single or three phase operation, with a wide selection of controls, accessories and options. Visit www.mtuonsiteenergy.com for technical data.

Standby Gas

Low emissions Standby & Prime power gaseous-fueled generator sets from MTU Onsite Energy ranging from 30 kW – 400 kWe. Our gas systems are ideally suited for standby operations and offer a fuel option that can reduce the costs and complexity of installation and maintenance. Visit www.mtuonsiteenergy.com for technical data.

Continuous Gas

Highly efficient Continuous Gas power modules from MTU Onsite Energy in 350 – 2,145 kWe ratings provides a constant flow of power with the ability to operate in grid parallel or grid independent mode. Operating on a variety of gaseous fuels, they are suited for peaking plants, industrial facilities, independent power generation and waste to energy. Visit www.mtuonsiteenergy.com for technical data.


Also known as Combined Heat & Power (CHP), MTU Onsite Energy offers a pre-engineered systems with integrated heat recovery in an attractive package. Systems range from 125 – 2,000 kWe and can operate on natural and biogas. Our CHP systems produce a highly efficient and constant flow of electrical power and thermal energy for applications such as hospitals, process plants, hotels, campuses, data centers, and treatment plants. The systems can interconnect with the grid or operate in standalone operation as the prime source of on-site utility power & energy. Visit www.mtuonsiteenergy.com for technical data.