Generator Sales

We have a wide selection of brand new generator sets in stock for immediate purchase (subject to prior sale) including open, weatherproof, sound-attenuated and trailer mounted units. These units can also be configured for 50 Hz operation. Contact us for details.

Choose from the list below. To view spec sheets, click on “View” or for additional information and pricing, click on “Request Price” and one of our Gen Sets experts will contact you.

24/7 Rental Solutions

When you want it, where you want it

Steward & Stevenson offers three engine-driven generator systems – MQ Power, MTU Onsite Energy and Atlas Copco – for industrial residential, and communications applications. Choose from single or parallel, skid-mounted or trailer-mounted, sound attenuated generators ranging from 50-2000 kW. Our units are industrial grade and can be utilized for standby and prime power applications, including new construction, municipal, disaster relief and hospital applications.

Rental Generator Features

  • Meet or exceed all EPA and CARB emission standards
  • Double-walled fuel tank with 24-hour on-board fuel capacity
  • Single-point lifting capability
  • 3-way fuel valve to easily connect external fuel source for extended run
  • Lockable external fuel fill source
  • Customer-convenient cable connections
  • Oil-field duty skids or trailer mounted
  • Backup (reserve) lube oil makeup tank
  • Environmental fuel spill containment
  • Double-walled remote fuel cells
  • 50 Hz or 60Hz operation capability, single-or three-phased voltage
  • Hi/Lo voltage switchover or simultaneous duel voltage
  • Oversized alternator for superior motor starting capability
  • Overspeed protection
  • Remote operation and monitoring for units 500 kW and above
  • Customer-convenient electrical outlet
  • GFI distribution and cable available


Stewart & Stevenson Atlantic Division offers a full line of air compressors – electric, oil free and diesel powered units offering from 20 cfm, to 1600 cfm for stationary and portable applications – along with a line of compressed air equipment.

Rental fleet units from Stewart & Stevenson Atlantic Division are designed to service all needs:

  • Diesel and electric oil free compressors from 785 to 1500 cfm
  • Diesel-and electric-driven air compressors from 185 to 1600 cfm, 80 to 500 psi
  • Compressed air treatment equipment including:
    •  Aftercoolers (5-20 ° F) remove 65-70% of moisture from compressed air
    •  Refrigerated and desiccant air dryers from 10 to 20,000 cfm (+38 to -100 ° F dew point)
    •  Compressed air filters to supply instrument-quality air – Hoses and cables are available