A StepUP Overhaul Gives You:

  • More Power
  • Extended Engine Life
  • Lower Labor Cost
  • Less Downtime
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Genuine Detroit Diesel Quality
  • Generous Warranty Protection
  • An Unbeatable Service Network

StepUP is the Easy Choice for Engine Overhauls.

StepUP Overhaul offers four distinct levels of money-saving options for extending the life of your Series 60 engine. In fact, StepUP provides a complete overhaul solution for every stage of the Series 60 ownership experience. And don’t forget, StepUP Overhaul is backed by legendary Detroit Diesel quality, a Power Protection Plan for as long as 3 years and 300,000 miles and an extensive network of authorized service outlets. With such value built in, it’s no wonder StepUP Overhaul products have found their way into so many Series 60 engines.