The Legendary Series 60®

It takes a one-of-a-kind heavy-duty diesel engine like the Series 60® to remain a North American leader year after year. In 2008, our one-millionth Series 60 rolls off the line – 21 years after we debuted its breakthrough design. And through constant attention to performance, reliability, fuel economy and EPA compliance, it’s an even better value than ever for demanding fleets and cost-conscious owner-operators.


The Series 60 is the best-performing engine in its class. Take a look at how its advanced features translate into real, road-tested benefits, no matter how you measure performance.


The Series 60 reliability approach is no secret: keep you on the road and out of the shop. From DDEC VI electronics-controlled Ether Starts at -40°F to 30,000-mile oil change intervals, here’s how we make it happen.


Pop the hood and check out the specs, parts and components that make the Series 60 one of the most valued heavy-duty diesels on the road.

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