The Power-Packed MBE 4000

Delivering the most low-end torque in its class, the in-line six-cylinder MBE 4000 heavy- duty engine can only be called “lightweight” because the scale says so. Designed for high torque at low RPMs means the engine takes less abuse and is more reliable. Low RPM torque also means the MBE 4000 does the job with better fuel economy.


Want power to spare on steep grades? Less shifting in stop-and-go situations? The MBE 4000 gets the job done with high torque rise at low RPM while maintaining outstanding fuel economy. Reliability


The MBE 4000 built its reputation on the road, not in the shop. We keep it among the world’s most reliable engines with a cast iron block, forged crank and rods, oil-cooled pistons, advanced DDEC VI electronic controls and a whole lot more. Specifications


Check out the detailed specs, parts and components that make the MBE 4000 one of the best heavy-duty engines running.

Download PDF of Brochure or Spec Sheet.