When looking for the best possible service for your Detroit Diesel and Mercedes-Benz engines, or your Allison Transmissions, WheelTime® is for you!

At Stewart & Stevenson Atlantic Division we know how important maximum up-time is for you and your customers.

As members of the WheelTime network, our trained technicians will get you back on the road in the shortest possible time and that’s a promise!

The WheelTime promise:

  • Initial diagnosis within two hours of vehicle’s arrival
  • Time estimate met
  • Cost estimate met (within 10%)
  • Notification within 30 minutes of last labor
  • Lowest turn-around time
  • Quality of repair, comebacks = less than 1%

These promises put the control back in our customer’s hands by delivering fast assessments and letting them know exactly when they will be back up-and- running, with no surprises on the invoice.

The WheelTime promise, combined with the finest quality parts and our service excellence, assures the best possible customer experience.

Call today to schedule an appointment.