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About Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison

Pride, professionalism and commitment

Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison is an authorized, value-added distributor of premium-branded diesel and alternative fuel engines, transmissions, and related products, systems, and components used in vehicles and power systems. ADDA and its predecessors have been in operation since the mid-1950s.

Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison was acquired by Stewart & Stevenson LLC from Detroit Diesel Corporation, a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America, in August of 2013 but continued to use Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison and Atlantic Power Systems as trade names. Stewart & Stevenson LLC was acquired by Kirby Corporation in September of 2017.

Primary end markets include on-highway vehicles (medium- and heavy-duty trucks, coaches, transit buses, school buses, fire, emergency and other specialty commercial vehicles) and off-highway equipment (power generation, commercial marine, construction and industrial applications).

Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison and its predecessors have been doing business for over 65 years:

  • 1955: The first GM Diesel engine distributorship is appointed in the region to Atlantic predecessor, Bruce GM Diesel.
  • 1970: GM combines Allison Transmission and Detroit Diesel engine businesses.
  • 1974: Roger Penske acquires Bruce GM Diesel, changing the name to Penske GM Diesel.
  • 1988: Roger Penske sells Penske GM Diesel to its management team, and the company reorganizes as Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison, Inc.
  • 1991: Atlantic acquires Connecticut Detroit Diesel-Allison, further expanding territory.
  • 1993: Atlantic expands its sales territory to include eastern New York and Vermont.
  • 1998: Atlantic receives an equity investment from Detroit Diesel Corporation, a subsidiary of Penske Corporation at the time.
  • 2002: Detroit Diesel Corporation, now a subsidiary of Daimler AG, fully acquires Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison.
  • 2004: Atlantic signs an agreement with Tognum, AG to distribute mtu and mtu OnSite Energy engines.
  • 2013: Stewart & Stevenson LLC acquires Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison, LLC.
  • 2017: Kirby Corporation acquires Stewart & Stevenson LLC.

Our Mission Statement

Remember the customer is why we are here; always treat them in a professional manner.

Provide expert service by factory certified technicians, using only factory parts.

Resolve customer problems promptly.

Constantly strive for perfection to meet our customer’s needs.

Provide the best working conditions for our employees, where safety is paramount, creativity is encouraged, and dedication is rewarded.

Treat our employees with the respect they have earned.

Never forget any of the above.