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Volvo Penta

For more than a century, Volvo Penta has been powering new experiences and unforgettable memories through a total solution process characterized by reliability and simplicity. And now, as we enter into a new era of yachting, we challenge you to dream of where Volvo Penta can take you next. Volvo and Volvo IPS products are available in the 13- to 1,350-hp range for the recreational and commercial marine markets.

Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison is a Volvo Penta Authorized Marine Power Center (distributor), providing Volvo Penta engine sales throughout the northeast. We provide the following services for Volvo Penta marine products: new-vessel-construction installations, repowers, and parts and service support. These services are available through our extensive dealer network, as well as ADDA branches located in New Jersey, New York, Massachussetts and Connecticut.

Volvo Penta Packages

  • Gas sterndrive packages
  • Sail-drive packages
  • Sailboat inboard packages
  • Yacht inboard packages
  • IPS yacht packages
  • IPS commercial packages

Based on Volvo Penta’s more-than-century-long marine experience and the Volvo Group’s combined knowledge and technological expertise, their solutions have been developed, manufactured, and thoroughly tested to meet the needs of demanding operators worldwide.

Volvo Penta D6-440 marine engines

Volvo Penta for Commercial Vessels

  • Tug and push boats
  • Passenger ferries
  • Dinner cruisers
  • Offshore windfarms
  • Pilot boats
  • Auxiliary and barges
  • Parasail boats

Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit

The Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit system collects and displays all driver information in one place via a single interface. You can easily see when you are utilizing the Volvo Penta Assisted Docking system, with blue lines appearing forwards or sideways, or a circle that indicates what assistance you are getting. It also constantly shows the level of force used to keep you in the current conditions.

Authorized Warranty Service and Sales

  • Genuine OEM parts in stock
  • Factory-trained and accredited technicians dispatched anywhere
  • Daily service
  • Parts delivery available
  • Emergency service on call 24/7/365
parasail boat powered by Volvo Penta


mtu has a century of experience setting standards for marine engines, powering the most modern yachts and the strongest tugboats. As a system supplier, our expertise goes beyond delivering top-quality engines. We combine all the components – engines, gearboxes, auxiliary power units, and automation systems – and deliver an integrated and complete system. You’ll know your vessel is being powered by an engine that isn’t only extremely powerful and compact but is also fuel efficient and cost effective. An engine characterized by low vibrations and emissions makes for an extremely quiet and smooth boating experience. What’s more, you’ll benefit from marine diesel engines and hybrid engines that achieve enhanced power output while keeping the vessel easy to operate and safe to use. 

Series 2000 "Common Rail"

mtu marine engine 10v2000The new Series 2000 CR engines feature smooth contours without compromising ease of maintenance or the possibility of installing peripheral components. The interfaces on the engine, as well as the “footprint,” are designed in such a way that it is possible, with suitable gearing, to use the new engine instead of the previous engine without additional changes in the construction of the boat. Exhaust gas removal is easier than before, as the new engines only have one exhaust gas outlet instead of two. In terms of design, the service block on the free engine side, on which the cooler, filter, and fuel lines are housed, has been retained from the current series. Service is also made easier by the new electronics, which enable optional remote access to engine data via an internet connection, making fleet management easier.

The 2000 CR engines were designed as marine engines from the outset. This distinguishes them from the engines of the preceding 2000 series, which were derived from industrial engines and optimized to marine applications. Furthermore, the 2000 CR series features state-of-the-art technologies and has significantly more power than its predecessor. The Series started in 2006 when mtu released the M03 Series, which offers 8-, 10-, 12-, and 16-cylinder configurations and made waves in the industry at 2,400 hp!

The power density of the 2000 CR engines has been increased to such an extent that the new 10-V 2000 CR provides the same power as the 12-V 2000 Series engine previously on the market. This is equivalent to a 20% increase in power. Additionally, the new 10-cylinder engine is one third smaller than the previous 12-cylinder model, with only 80% of its weight. The M03 Series offers configurations as follows: the 8V2000M93 rated at 1,200 hp, the 10V2000M93 rated at 1,500 hp, the 12V2000M93 rated at 1,800 hp, and the 16V2000M93 rated at 2,400 hp. All M03 Series engines are rated at 2,450 rpm. 

The industry still had a need for more horsepower, and a few years later, the Series 2000 M04 engine was launched. The engine comes in four configurations: the 8V2000M94 rated at 1,280 hp, the 10V2000M94 rated at 1,600 hp, the 12V2000M94 rated at 1,920 hp, and the 16V2000M94 rated at 2,600 hp, all rated at 2,450 rpm.

Four variants (8-, 10-, 12- and 16-V engines) cover the power outputs 1,280, 1,600, 1,920, and 2,600 hp (995, 1193, 1432, 1939 kW, respectively). A new addition to the series is the 10-cylinder model, which bridges the gap between 8 V and 12 V that previously existed with the 2000 series.

Low emission levels and low fuel consumption ensure that the engines comply with the EPA Tier 2/Euro 2 emission standards and offer class-leading fuel economy.

Series 2000 M06 Platform

The rebirth of the Series 2000 CR engine began in 2014 and was driven primarily by the global emissions regulations that mtu was faced with. The demand was for a power plant with a high power-to-weight ratio, zero transient smoke, and high torque for unparalleled performance, all in symphony with low cost of ownership. The result was the M06 family of engines with 10-, 12- and 16-V configurations.

ADDA specializes in incorporating this platform into one fully engineered package – engines, transmissions, and control/monitoring system – that can be purchased and supported from one supplier.

Series 4000

mtu 16v4000m03 marine engineThe Series 4000 CR engines are highly efficient, compact, and lightweight. This 4-liter-per-cylinder engine is available for both commercial and recreational use with horsepower ranges between 1,140 and 5,765 hp (rated between 1,800 and 2,100 rpm). The Series 4000 CR engines are available in 8-, 12-, 16-, and 20-V models, depending on the application.

Owing to the design of the Series 4000, TBOs (time before overhaul) as high as 30,000 hours or more can be achieved in commercial applications. The Series 4000 features 4-litres-per-cylinder displacement and, with common rail fuel injection, features some of the lowest fuel consumption figures in the industry. Heat rejection to engine room is limited to 40 kW, which means that you can save costs in engine-room ventilation. Particular attention has been paid to servicing of the engine, which has the ability to be partially rebuilt in situ without having to be taken back to service facilities, saving downtime and money.

mtu Controls

mtu offers a variety of control options for your engine packages. These options depend on engine models and usage. They include DDEC, Blueline, Smartline, Bluevision and BlueVision New Generation. Check with a member of the ADDA marine sales team to determine the correct choice for your application.

Remanufactured Engines

Reuse and Save

Your equipment was built to last, thanks to mtu‘s legendary high engineering standards and unwavering commitment to service and support. And after a long and productive life, we provide solutions to help you go even further.

As you evaluate your long-term power needs, you must consider a variety of factors, including acquisition costs, operation costs, maintenance costs and warranty exposure. Factory Reman and Overhaul Solutions are a smart option. They offer same-as-new performance and help you optimize the total lifecycle cost of your equipment, while also providing a sustainable solution that protects the environment.

Built to factory standards, mtu‘s rigorous restoration process does more than repair and recondition equipment. It fully returns engines and systems to their original factory specifications thanks to the complete technical expertise and proprietary procedures, developed based on decades of experience. As a result, your equipment delivers same-as-new quality and performance that only we can offer.

mtu remanufactured marine engine

mtu Series 60

The Series 60® engines from mtu embody the qualities of reliability and durability like virtually no others. More than 70,000 units of this model are in operation around the globe. There are good reasons for that success: low fuel consumption, rugged and compact design, ease of maintenance, and longevity make the Series 60 one of the most economical engines in its class.

Detroit Diesel Electronic Controls (DDEC®) are standard on all Series 60 engines. This electronic unit fuel injector and engine-management-control system is the most advanced system available in the industry. DDEC includes state-of-the-art diagnostics for critical engine functions:

  • Overhead camshaft – This design optimizes intake and exhaust air passages in the cylinder head for easier breathing and minimizes valve-train losses by eliminating the need for push rods.
  • Short ports – The cylinder head has a very short intake and exhaust ports for efficient air flow, low pumping losses, and reduced heat transfer.
  • Iron crosshead pistons – The top ring can be placed much closer to the top of the iron crosshead piston. This reduces the dead volume above the top ring and improves fuel economy.
  • Injector rocker arm with ceramic rollers – The cam follower roller in the Series 60 engine injector rocker arm is made of silicon nitride. The low-wear properties of this ceramic make it possible to operate at very high injection pressures while maintaining the long life of the roller. High injection pressure is one way Detroit is able to meet the stringent particulate and smoke emission standards without after treatments.
  • Eight head bolts per cylinder – The head bolts provide a uniform load on the gasket and liner to reduce stress on the liner flange and block counterbore.
  • High-efficiency turbocharger – Combined with a pulse-recovery exhaust manifold, the high-efficiency turbocharger provides an efficient transfer of energy for improved fuel economy.
  • Cruise power – Cruise power allows you to take advantage of additional torque and better performance when operating your vessel in the cruise range. The higher torque improves maneuverability when docking, and fewer shifts are required.
  • Top-liner cooling – The Series 60 engine features top-liner cooling. This has been accomplished by machining a coolant channel high up on the block so that the top of the liner is surrounded by coolant, resulting in longer ring life.

mtu Series 2000 PLD

The Series 2000 PLD engines from mtu are used for both pleasure craft and commercial applications with horsepower ranges from 900 to 2,000 hp. Series 2000 PLD engines can be found in a varied spectrum of applications ranging from yachts, work boats, tourist boats, police craft, patrol boats, and government vessels. This two-liter-per-cylinder engine is available in 8-, 12- and 16-cylinder models.

Especially suitable for larger yachts and patrol boats, the engines have established themselves as a market leader, a position which is based on numerous advantages: they are compact and reliable, easy to service, highly efficient, and they stand out for their low power-to-weight ratio and low emissions (which comply with IMO). All Series 2000 models are available with certification from all major classification societies.

The original 2000 CR series were as follows: the 8V2000M93 rated at 1,200 hp; the 10V2000M93 rated at 1,500 hp; the 12V2000M93 rated at 1,800 hp; and the 16V2000M93 rated at 2,400 hp. All these engines are rated at 2,450 rpm.

Marine Generators

mtu marine generatorAtlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison is a total solutions provider for your marine power generation needs with diesel-engine-driven generator sets ranging from 55 kWe to 1 MWe. Our diesel marine generators are efficient and deliver smooth power on demand. We offer diesel generators to handle nearly any load requirement as well as a variation of cooling packages – heat-exchanger cooled, keep cooled, or radiator cooled. heat-exchanger cooled, keep cooled, or radiator cooled.

Now the rules have changed – no more compromises. With a Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison “mariner” marine generator, all your power requirements are taken care of in one package. You get a quiet and powerful marine generator. Advanced designs combined with three different choices of engine manufacturers (mtu, Volvo Penta, or John Deere) to set new standards in fuel efficiency and reduced emissions which meet the latest strict EPA or IMO guidelines.

Vessels continue to require more electrical power, and with today’s electronics, “clean power” is required more now than ever before. With ADDA’s marine genset packages we are able provide solid power with the combination of digital voltage regulators and electrically controlled engines. This symphony of technology allows tight tolerances on voltages. When you contact the ADDA team, we’ll go through your requirements and build a customized offering specifically to meet your needs.

  • John Deere from 55 kWe to 307 kWe

  • Volvo Penta from 250 kWe to 550 kWe

  • mtu from 800 kWe to 1.2 MWe

Marine Repowers

Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison is one of the largest marine diesel power distributors in North America. Our world-class marine power systems serve the pleasure craft, commercial, and military markets. An assortment of customizable marine engine power ratings start at 13 to 5,765 hp.

We offer complete marine repower service, from start to finish, anywhere in the northeast. Call today and speak with one of our local marine repower specialists to assess your needs.

Marine Repower Benefits

  • Exceptional fuel economy

  • Lowered operating expenses

  • Reduced smoke for cleaner operation

  • Extended service coverage options

  • Smooth, quiet operation for crew comfort

  • Parts and service network

mtu marine engine installation

Why Repower?

Repowering your pride and joy can change your entire boating experience. Whether it’s the improved fuel economy, quieter performance, or added horsepower, a new engine provides a “new boat” feel to any craft.

As the authorized distributor and factory-trained providers of Detroit, mtu, Volvo Penta, and John Deere marine engines, ADDA offers much more than factory knowledge and trained technicians. We work in conjunction with boatyards all over the northeast and can help you sell your existing engine(s) to lessen the cost of the overall project.

ADDA has one of the largest inventories of engines ranging from 13 hp to over 2,600 hp, and our repower specialists will help you understand your repower choices, provide best-fit suggestions, and work with naval architects to ensure your desired outcome is achieved. Our experienced repower team handles your repower process from start to finish, professionally, on time, and on budget.

Repower consultants are available to answer any questions you may have and can provide a checklist of considerations before you begin. If you’re considering a repower, give us a call at (201) 489-5800 or contact us below and ask to speak with one of our repower specialists. See for yourself why we are one of the largest and most trusted marine repower specialists in the country.

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